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Helderberg Private Home Nursing T's & C's

General Terms and Conditions

will provide service/s as agreed upon by both parties on initial consultation with the client and/or family involved. HPHNS endeavours to serve our clients with our best and loving intentions, upholding human dignity at all times in a personalised, professional manner.

The following applies:
Payment terms are within 30 days from date of statement, or 7 days from statement for 24 hour care.
Services will be terminated within 24 hours if the client so wishes, either in writing or verbally. Should Sr Parsons and Sr Watt feel it their ethical duty to contend this, the Doctor in charge and the family will be consulted and other arrangements will be made for the client and with their well being kept in mind. However, HPHNS cannot be held responsible for the patient once care has been terminated.

Duty hours
Hours of service are normally discussed with the clients prior to commencing service. We keep shifts to certain times to fit in with public transport times. All nurses are transported to your home, transport is provided by HPHNS.
Nurses on night shift may not sleep while on duty, so please do not provide a bed or give permission to sleep. A comfortable chair with a night-light is sufficient and must be within hearing distance of the patient.
A sleep in service is available only for patients in outlying areas.
Nurses are required to bring their own meals to work (e.g. sandwiches etc). No specific time is set aside for meals; these must be taken at the patient’s convenience and the nurses discretion.
Kindly make tea, coffee or juice available for the nurses.

Nurses duties
All basic care of the patient, including nutritional needs, eg

  • Cooking of meals
  • Keeping the patient’s room and environment neat and tidy
  • Sluicing of soiled linen and clothing
  • Daily record keeping of patient’s condition
  • Administration and control of medication
  • Mobilising and daily exercising

Duties do not include:

  • Housework
  • Vacuuming
  • Major dusting
  • Window cleaning
  • General household washing and ironing
  • Gardening

Services for our clients can upon request, include:

  • Shopping facilities on specific days, arrangement must be made with the office. The nurse must inform the office with the weekly shopping list and this will be charged to the monthly account.
  • Medical equipment – we have a small supply of medical equipment that is available for hiring. Please enquire at the office.
  • Transport to doctors, dentists or specialists, hairdressers and other necessary visits in Somerset West and other LOCAL areas, can be arranged through the office, a nurse to accompany at all times.

Procedural visits by nursing sister for:

  • Dressings
  • Catheterisations
  • Enemas
  • Injections

Duty sister is on call 24-hours, but should she be needed after hours, an after hour call out charge is levied.

Special rulings are to be put in place for patients with any form of Dementia.